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The Woodware Company, dba: www.WoodwareAndMooreArt.com,

Customer Internet Privacy Statement & Disclaimer

          Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how

www.WoodwareAndMooreArt.com  collects, uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us through our site.

I. What information is being collected online?

     A. When our customers BROWSE our Web site, we do not collect any information nor do we place

           "cookies" on your computer.

     B. We do track how many visitors browse our site and where, within the site, they browse but collect

          nothing of a personal nature about the visitor.

     C. When our customers make a purchase, the information is collected for us by PayPal, the funds

          collection site used by E-Bay and other on-line retailers because of the secure service they

          provide using the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol that encrypts personal

          information being transferred over the Internet for our customers as well as us. We do not ask

          for personal information via e-mail.

          1. The information you, our customer, provide within PayPal is used by us to fill your order and

               communicate with you in relationship to it.

          2. We also place your e-mail address on an e-mail list used STRICTLY BY US to let you know

               when we have new products.

               a. This list is NEVER sold or shared with other companies or individuals for any reason.

               b. To opt out of our e-mail list, simply reply to any of our e-mails to you and request removal.

                    We will gladly remove you with an apology for the inconvenience in a return (and final)

                    e-mail from us to you so you know we received your request and are acting on it.

          3. We request that you provide us with a phone number in the special instructions blank in

               PayPal at the time of your purchase.

               a. This will NEVER be used for anything other than to communicate with you about that

                    particular order. It is never shared with anyone and is not kept in any database list.


II. Contacting us:

     A. Our e-mail address is clearly listed on the home page of our site.  Feel free to contact us about

          orders or to make inquiries of any type related to the site, including the availability of items

          prior to purchase or inquiries as to the status of your order.

     B. Our phone number is (865)436-5232.  If we are not in, either leave a message on the answering

          machine or follow any instructions we might leave on the answering message as to another

          contact number (we are sometimes out of town but always leave contact information when

          appropriate).  We will return your call as promptly as possible.

     C. Our mailing address is: P. O. Box 148, Gatlinburg, TN 37738-0148.

     D. Should you be in Gatlinburg, our street address is Elks Plaza, Suite 4 (the sign over the door

          says "Crafts and Fine Art"), 968 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738.  Please DO NOT use this as

          a mailing address unless personally instructed to do so by us.  Using it will result in a delay in our

          getting back to you.


III. Employee access to information:

     A. Our employees are members of our family and we all handle orders.  We do not feel the

          information is in jeopardy.  If you are uncomfortable with this, contact us (see II. above) and we

          will be happy to explain and try to relieve any fears you may have in this respect.


IV. Disclaimer:

               Please be aware that variations occur in hand-made items.  This cannot be avoided and we cannot be held

     liable for them.  We make every effort to provide a quality product as close to those pictured on the web site as

     possible.  Colors depicted on the site can vary due to the individual monitor they are viewed on.  We make our own

     stain and, although it may vary from batch to batch, we do not offer that variation as a choice - it is just a dark

     brown.  We do not take orders to make our items in a different size than that offered.  Generally speaking, it is

     not cost effective for us or our customer since the entire shop must be set up to do just that one item. 

               The Fine Art larger prints are offered only without mats or frames.  The 5"x7" prints, matted to 8"x10"

     frame size, are only offered matted with only the mat colors described.

               We no longer offer to special cut switchplates.  The plates we offer are standard sizes cut with the same

     spacing as the plastic ones.  You should be able to adjust the switches within the box behind the plate so they

     fit our plates (we send instructions for this).  As long as the plate you received from us is a standard design and

     color, and undamaged, you may return it within 30 days of your purchase.

               When you select "Sports", you will be forwarded to our sports web site: www.SportsNutz.net.  You will

     find a separate Privacy and Disclaimer page for that site.


V.  We assume no responsibility for anything any of our "affiliate sites" do.  We only offer a link to their site for

      our customers who are interested.


VI. Any changes in this policy will always appear on this page. The latest update was: 04/29/2005



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