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     The artist is Jean Yett Moore, originally from Sevierville, Tennessee where her grandparents had the first dairy in the area.  Her father delivered some of the first pasteurized milk into the Smoky Mountains.  We have asked her some questions about her background and asked her to explain her techniques.  She is quoted as saying:

      "My first artistic efforts began as a toddler (snails and airplanes drawn on walls behind doors in our home). After stern disciplining as to media, and many further years of effort, my interest continued and I began my college career with an intended major in art. However, as fate would have it, I became sidetracked and ended up with a career in law enforcement. An unfortunate accident resulted in tendonitis in both elbows and my husband and I moved our family back to my native Great Smoky Mountains. I have come full circle and am now back to my artistic bent. My artistic efforts can be found in homes across the United States and in many foreign countries. For this, I am extremely grateful."

"My Medium and Technique!
"Although I have a few pieces I have created on watercolor paper, the vast majority of my work is created on stretched canvas as I prefer the textural quality it adds even to my prints. I use the polymer-based acrylic paint watered down to almost a wash and utilize a modified watercolor technique to produce my image. In order to achieve the resultant rich, deep colors, I use many, many layers of this wash as well as many, many hours. My work has a different look to it as a result and has been mistaken for many different types of media. I feel the time is worth it. My last painting took over a year to complete."

Jean attended the University of Southern Mississippi to study fine art.   She completed two years of study before becoming side- tracked.

      An unfortunate marital situation ended with the happy result of a daughter named Tina Suzanne.  With the need to provide for her daughter, Jean was further side-tracked from her artistic aspirations by becoming a police officer/sergeant for 14-1/2 years in Texas.  She finished her degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice.

     Darell Moore entered her life and she fell in love with the man who has become her life's partner .  Since Darell is a master woodcraftsman, their business developed out of  their unique blend of talents.  Jean does the decorative painting on many of Darell's hand crafted items and has been able get back to her fine art.


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